More awesome pictures of our awesome house!

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Woooo hoooooooo
Woooo hoooooo!

It’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here … it’s been pretty crazy with moving, setting up, unpacking, fixing and in between, getting mailers, mailings and posters ready for the 30th Annual Oak Grove Folk Music Festival (be sure to check that out!). So, I’m finally getting to posting some of what’s been going on! I will put up some more soon also. For now, enjoy these!

Here are some better pictures of our new house and fabulous yard, in the height of blooming early May.

Keri K took some excellent photos as well - take note of Bill Howard providing wandering mandolinist services! See Keri’s photos

Cats move into Mount P

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The cats had a traumatic move from Waynesboro to Mount Pisgah in a shared cat carrier. Emma peed on herself during the trip, so she had the double-trauma of moving and having a bath on the same day! She spent the rest of the day hiding behind the litter box in the closet. Squealer spent the day in the corner. They met up later that night, seemed surprised and happy that the other was here too (I think they had forgotten they rode in together). They have both since settled in quite well. Emma is in fact right now crashed out on JeffMo’s comfy chair and Squealer is on the living room rug, which she has bunched up into a nice sleeping hump.

Emma behind the litter box

Squealer likes corners

Some photos

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Vale, Gavin, MomMo and DadMo sharing ice cream - Gavin and Vale ate their cones completely (except for what was on Vale’s arms) and then cleaned out Barbara’s sorbet and went for Gil’s strawberry cheesecake.
Photos Apr 25 2008

Our new house

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As of April 29th, that is!
Just before Spring bursts out, click link for more photos

See more photos

Folk Music Today

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Mandolin player with cell phone on hip

Mandolin Player with cell phone on hip

Dan Easley playing with The Shakes at Little Grill Collective, March 28, 2008

Look out world! (wide web)

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