Who doesn’t like monkeys?

Monkeys are cool.

Monkey checks out camera-log
A monkey checks out a camera hidden in a log, either on the floor of the jungle or actually riding in an elephant’s trunk. Link to story


Free Your Monkey

Mill Mountain Zoo photo of monkey
Took this at the Mill Mountain Zoo … the monkey was posing for me!

Gettin it on!
Gettin\' it on

Monkeys are awesome. We used to call my little brother “Monkey” as a nickname, because he would climb anything and because his favorite thing was this big, dangly stuffed monkey he won at the Dogwood Festival carnival. He took that monkey everywhere he went. I think they look so much like us, and act like us in ways we’re not always pleased to admit, humans are naturally drawn to our primate cousins. Here’s a photo of a species that have faces so close to human, it’s creepy - except they are very small faces for the size of the head. And all red. I felt a kinship to these beings, and I felt like they saw themselves a bit in us human watchers too.

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